Update: TPG Usage Widget

This version introduces two new features:

  • Click on the current usage value to see the current target
  • Notification if there’s a new version available on the back of the widget

Download TPG Usage Widget for OSX (version 1.8, 92kb)

It’s also now available from the Apple Dashboard Widgets site

3 updates in one week! Maybe I should stay off the booze more often 😉

That said, this version clears out all the todos I had on my list for this widget. So unless there’s any bugs, I don’t anticipate any new versions for a while, but let me know if there are any problems.

11 Responses to “Update: TPG Usage Widget”

  1. LC Says:

    great idea, screenshot that i saw looks good, but i get a “format error” when i unzip the file on my imac running 10.5.4.. is it just me?

  2. ethan Says:

    Hi LC, try the latest version and let me know if you have any issues

    I’m running 10.5.4 too without any problems…

  3. LC Says:

    EXCELLENT! got it working.. thanks so much!

  4. paul Says:

    Hello Ethan,
    i’m running 10.4 and after checking my login details, i still get the following message ; ‘Error reading TPG data. Are your login details correct?’ – i am certain the login is correct and i have the latest version of the widget. Any help would greatly appreciated as i would this widget very useful.

  5. ethan Says:

    Hey Paul, Can you make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version (1.10) from http://www.3thirty.net/blog/?p=31 and let me know how you go with that?



  6. paul Says:

    Hello Ethan,
    Yes i have the latest version and i’m still getting the same message ‘Error reading….’. i have also tried it at work on an imac running 10.54 with the same error message. i also followed your instructions on ‘Enabling diagnostics in tpg Widget’ to no avail. Is there some secret with the log in that i am missing (i presume it is the same as logging onto to my tpg account online)?
    Please help.

  7. paul Says:

    …this is the message i get from console;

    2009-01-14 21:29:26.431 DashboardClient[369] com.3thirty.widget.TPG: checkVersion returned NaN, current version is 1.1
    2009-01-14 21:29:26.518 DashboardClient[369] com.3thirty.widget.TPG: saving settings. username is mystones

    Hope this helps.

  8. Frank Says:

    Apple OSX widget meter was working fine up until a couple days ago, then I got an error reading asking if login details are correct- re-entered my login details , yet still get the same error, has something changed or do I need to do something else?

  9. ethan Says:

    Hey Frank,

    Looks like TPG have changed their site a little bit, and it’s confusing the widget.

    I should be able to get an update to fix this shortly.

  10. ethan Says:

    Hey Frank,

    Updated version of the widget is on the main page now. Should be working fine for you now 🙂

  11. John Says:

    I’m getting the “error reading asking if login details are correct”
    Have tpg changed something in the last month to cause this?

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